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Westwood, "Shape Shifting With Four Shows at Robischon Gallery" by Michael Paglia, 2017/8/16

The Washington Post, "Homage to Hillary is repurposed" by Mark Jenkins,2016/12/18

“Circle of Friends”, Catalog, Katzen Art Center, American University Museum, 2016

“Intersections@5” The Phillips Collection, Catalog essay by Vesela Strenovic, 2015

The Times, Mike Davis, “ Pulp Sculpting” by Mike Davis, 2015/20/18

YRB Magazine, Force of Nature SHIRO”, 2015/6/11

Artfix Daily, “Selections, Force of Nature” by Dalia Stoniene, 2015/6/11

Pollytalk from New York, “New Exhibitions” by Polly Guerin, 2015/6/15

U.S.1,, On a Roll: Jae Ko Unwinds Shiro at Grounds For Sculpture” by Ilene Dube, 2015/3/25

Hamptons Art Hub, “Jae Ko: Selections” by Hamptons Arts Hub Staff, 2015/4/18

The Denver Post, Ann Hamilton and Jae Ko at Robischon Gallery, by Michael Paglis, 2014/12/3 

Denver Westword, “Conceptual Art from Judy Chicago, Ann Hamilton and Jae Ko” by Ray Mark Rinaldi, 2014/11/20

The Washington Post, “The Hirschhorn's Speculative Forms” by Michael O’Sullivan, 2014/6/20

The Washington Post, “In the Gallery” by Marks Jenkins, 2014/ 5/11

Art’s Vice Magazine, 2013/7

The Washington Post, “Exhibit adds up to a thrill” by Michael O’Sullivan, 2012/3/30

Dutch Financial Times, Zinnelijke beelden van rollen gekleurd papier, by Anne Berk, 2011/10/22

“Jae Ko” Catalog, Dick Graff Fine Art Honourable Silver Objects Antwerp Belgium, 2011

All Art News, “Jae Ko: paper”, 2010/9/26

“Jae Ko” Katzen Art Center, American University Museum, Catalog essay by Kristen Hileman, 2008

Meredith Cutler,” Cut, Folded, Dyed & Glued”, 2008/2/8

The Boston Phoenix, “Sculpting with Paper” by Greg Cook, 2008/2/12

Art News England, “Cut Folded and Glued” by Doug Norris, 2008/ June/ July

Denver Westword, “Medium in the Middle” by Michael Paglia, 2007/11/27

The Washington Post, “5+5: The Equation Works Only in Theory” by Michael O’Sullivan, 2007/3/23

The Washington Times, “Alternative Space for Creativity” by Joanna Shaw-Eagle, 2007/5/2

Sculpture magazine, “Reading paper” by Sarah Tanguy, 2007/September issue

Washington Jewish Week, “5+5 Equals Eclectic” by Aaron Leibel, 2007/2/15

Washington City paper, “5+5” by Kriston Capps, 2007/2/16

The Examiner,”5+5=Great” my Robin Tierney, 2007/3/5

Artforum, “jae Ko at Marsha Mateyka Gallery” by Nord Wennerstrom, 2007/January issue

Denver Daily News, “Getting the most out of Minimalism at the Robischon gallery”, 

Reader Arts & Culture, “paper Work” by Fred Camper, 2005/9/22

Art Letter, review by Paul Klein, 2005/9/5, “Jae Ko: aggregation” by Katherine Lieber, 2005/10/22

The Denver Post, “Jae Ko’s Rolled paper exhibit a Standout” by Kyle MacMillan, 2004/2/14

Rocky Mountain News, “Coaxing Gems out of Paper” by Mary Voelz Chandler, 2004/1/30

Westwood, “Promises and Threats” by Michael Paglia, 2004/1/22

Washington City paper, “Concentrics” by Louis jacpbson, 2004/6/25

Peter Lodermeyer, Catalog essay, “personal Structures” 2003

Art Papers, review by Paul Ryan, 2003/ Sep. and Oct. issue

The Washington post, “Starring Rolls” by Jessica Dawson, 2002/10/17

Sculpture magazine “ Jae Ko Sculpture” by Cathy Byrd, 2001/April issue

The washington post, :Re-Forming Nature, Piece by Piece”, by Jessica Dawson, 2001/2/22

Art on Paper,”Paper, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary”, by Nancy Princenthal, 2001/7

The New York Times, “ART; On Paper, a Show That Measures Up”, by William Zimmer, 2001/3/18

The New Times, “Aldrich shows shine in separate ways” by Frank Merkling, 2001/2/2

The Advocate & Greenwich Time, “Transformations at the Aldrich, by L.P.Streitfeld, 2001/2/11

Art in America, review by J.W. Mahoney, 2000/7

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “East Meets West in Dyed Paper Sculptures” by Catherine Fox, 2000/5/26

Atlanta Creative, “Beauty by Chance” by Cathy Byrd, 200/5/27

The washington Post, “Jae Ko on a Roll. The young sculpture adds to her reputation” by Ferdinand Protzman, 2000/2/17

“High Definition” catalog essay by Kristen Hileman, 1999

“Pure-View” catalog essay by Kristen Hileman, 1999

The Washington Post, It all adds up, from twenty strong works, one strong show” by Ferdinand Protzman, 1999/4/29

New Art Examiner, 1999/ April issue

The Washington Post, Artsite 1998, Standing out in a crowd” by Ferdinand Protzman, 1998/7/10

“Chance and Necessity” catalog essay by Power Boothe, 1998

The washington Post, “Cutting it close: The cream of the home-grown crop at ArtSite98” by Glenn Dixon, 1998/8/28

Articulate, “ ArtSites 98: High Definition” by Suzanne Summers, 1998/10

The Baltimore Sun, “Artsites offer enjoyable show at Arlington art center” 1998/6/18


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